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GCO 230
GCO 230
GCO 230
GCO 230
GCO 230
GCO 230

GCO 230 Professional

Metal Cut-off Saw

Cuts steel faster and smoother

  • Cuts faster and smoother with improved 2,300 W motor
  • Keeps you safe with adjustable spark guard
  • Achieve extreme overload performance thanks to the higher load endurance capacity
  • Enhanced protection with adjustable spark guard
  • Metal foot that prevents melting during cutting
  • Easy to carry and operate thanks to the ergonomically designed handle for both left- and right-handed us
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Functions & key features

 Fast Clamp
Ergonomic handling thanks to low weight and compact design
 Input power 2300 Watt
Easy disc / tool change thanks to spindle lock
High durability of footplate thanks to metal base
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GCO 230 Professional 0 601 B56 0L0

GCO 230 Professional

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GCO 230


Order number: 0 601 B56 0L0

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Included in this variant

  • 1 x cutting disc, PRO metal straight cutting, 355 x 25.4 x 2.8 mm
    Order number: 2 608 619 276
  • 1 x allen wrench
    Order number: 1 619 PC1 908

Technical data

Additional data

Rated input power 2,300 W
No-load speed 4,100 rpm
Weight 13.5 kg
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GCO 230

GCO 230 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Cutting metals with insufficient input power can slow down your efficiency. Our GCO 230 Professional cut off saw’s 2,300 W motor helps you cut faster in less time. This powerful tool offers you higher load endurance capability so that you can achieve extreme overload performance. The adjustable spark guard protects you from sparks. With GCO 230 Professional, you get power, durability and reliability in one saw.

Equipment & Application

Designed for even the toughest applications, the GCO 230 Professional effortlessly cuts all kinds of metal including pipes, round bars, square profiles, threaded rods, steel tracks, and more.

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