Energy & Mining

Energy & Mining

Every part of energy & mining industry is critical, demanding careful, stringent and tough applications. Safe, stable and robust power tools are required in the entire process of this industry.

Bosch Heavy Duty

Designed to outlast all your demands.

Hitting the Hardest Stone

Huge mining work means powerful breakthrough as well as fast digging process. Our large breakers fully meet the demands, sometimes even exceeding your expectations.

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Giant Pipelines

Natural resources like oils and gases are transported through huge pipelines. Working in such areas requires you to be equipped with powerful yet safe tools. Our angle grinder series offers you maximum performance as well as superior user protection.

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Chiseling Specialist

Underground jobs are extremely tough, only highly efficient tools can meet your high demands. Try our GSH 5 CE, which offers you unbeatable power at 40% less vibration, a power tool specialist always waiting for your orders.

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Energy & Mining at a glance

Pipeline Manufacturing

  • Surface Finishing

Under-earth Exploration

  • Excavation Set-up
  • Fitting & Fixtures
  • Pipe Cutting
  • Renewable Energy
  • Surface Finishing
  • Drilling/Fastening


  • Equipment Maintenance
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