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GWS 12-125 P
GWS 12-125 P
GWS 12-125 P
GWS 12-125 P
GWS 12-125 P
GWS 12-125 P

GWS 12-125 P Professional

Angle Grinder

  • Extra protection – paddle switch with immediate power off on releasing finger
  • Keeps you safe and in control of your tool with the kickback safety feature
  • Soft start allows a smooth start and minimizes the risk of accident
  • Prevents tool from overheating with overload protection

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
 Comfortable working thanks to low vibration by adding rubber mounting/foam padding to the handles
Disc diameter 125 mm
 Outstanding small grip size for best-in-class ergonomics

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  • with protective guard
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with protective guard 0 601 3A6 2L0

GWS 12-125 P Professional

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GWS 12-125 P


with protective guard

Order number: 0 601 3A6 2L0

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Included in this variant

  • Two-hole spanner (spare part number 1 607 950 052)
  • Protective guard
    Order number: 1 605 510 365
  • Vibration Control auxiliary handle
    Order number: 2 602 025 123
  • Locking nut (spare part number 1 603 345 043)
  • Backing flange (spare part number 2 605 703 014)

Technical data

Additional data

Rated input power 1200 W
Speed output no-load, nominal max. 11,000 rpm
Disc diameter 125 mm
Power output 630 W
Grinding spindle thread M14
Weight 2.4 kg
Switch Safety switch
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GWS 12-125 P

GWS 12-125 P Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Using a powerful angle grinder increases output, but could pose a safety risk. If you want to maximise productivity without compromising on safety or comfort, the Bosch GWS 12-125 P Professional is your obvious choice. With 1,200 W power, you can remove material really fast. And yet you’ll find the tool compact and easy to handle because of its lightweight design. Bosch takes operator safety seriously. That’s why the GWS 12-125 P Professional has a protection switch that automatically stops the grinder when you release the switch. Kick-back control, soft start, and overload protection keep you safe, protect the tool, and make it easier to control.

Equipment & Application

The Bosch GWS 12-125 P Professional is your tool of choice if you’re in the metal fabrication or iron casting industry. Whether you’re grinding metal or stone, or cutting metal, this high-performance tool gives you the power, has your safety covered, and gets a tough job done with more comfort and less fatigue.

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