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GST 183-LI
GST 183-LI
GST 183-LI
GST 183-LI
GST 183-LI
GST 183-LI

GST 183-LI Professional

Cordless Jigsaw

Easier to move, faster to cut

  • Easy to handle, and cuts at any angle and in any area, thanks to the compact design; Delivers outstanding cutting performance thanks to powerful 18V brushless motor; Choose between fast or clean cutting via 4-stage orbital action; Separating cuts and cutouts in various materials with Pre-selection speed wheel; Make changing saw blades easier with the tool-free Bosch SDS-system

Functions & key features

Best work results with speed pre-selection Best work results with speed pre-selection for applications requiring material-specific speed
Stroke length 20 mm
Saw blade pendulum action Adjustable 3-stage or 4-stage saw blade pendulum action.
Longer motor life - more runtime - more power thanks to brushless motor
 No additional tools are required for configuring the tool, allowing for user-friendly operation

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  • with anti-splinter guard
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with anti-splinter guard 0 601 5B7 0L0

GST 183-LI Professional

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GST 183-LI


with anti-splinter guard

Order number: 0 601 5B7 0L0

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Included in this variant

  • Anti-splinter guard (spare part number 2 601 016 065)
  • 1 x jigsaw blade T 111 C, Basic for Wood (available separately as set of 3: 2 608 630 808)

Technical data

Additional data

Battery voltage 18.0 V
Stroke rate at no load 0 – 3,300 spm
Stroke height 20 mm
Weight excl. battery 1.6 kg
Bevel angle -45 – 45 °
Tool holder T-Shank
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GST 183-LI

GST 183-LI Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Corded, bulky tools can compromise your precision when working remotely. If you are looking for a powerful jigsaw that’s easy to handle, effortlessly cuts through various materials, regardless of the angle or area, and easily fits in your toolbox, look no further: With our cordless GST 183-LI Professional jigsaw, you can move freely thanks to the compact design. Its powerful 18V brushless motor is made to last and cuts through material at speed, saving you time. There are 4-stage orbital actions to choose from, so you can select a setting that gets the job done faster or one that delivers clean cuts. Plus, there’s a footplate you can adjust by 45° for bevel cuts. And that’s not all. Changing saw blades is easier than you think with the tool-free Bosch SDS-system.

Equipment & Application

The cordless GST 183-LI Professional is the go-to jigsaw for tradespeople across the board, from cabinet installers to trade fair builders and renovators, and more. It takes the strain out of straight cuts and cutting curves into wood, plastic, and metal.

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