Heat guns

GHG 20-63 Professional

Heat Gun

High-performance heat gun with temperature control

  • Precision work thanks to 2 airflow stages in combination with adjustable temperature in steps of 10°C
  • Ideal for work up to temperatures of 630 °C
  • Long service life and faster cooling due to thermal protection function

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
Best work results with speed pre-selection Best work results with speed pre-selection for applications requiring material-specific speed
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GHG 20-63 Professional 0 601 2A6 2L0

GHG 20-63 Professional

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GHG 20-63

Order number: 0 601 2A6 2L0

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Technical data

Additional data

Rated input power 2000 W
Voltage, electrical 240 V
Weight 0.65 kg
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GHG 20-63

GHG 20-63 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

With the powerful Bosch GHG 20-63 Professional heat gun, you can select the temperature and the airflow you need to get the job done. With the user interface you can easily adjust the temperature in steps of 10 °C. This tool achieves up to 630 °C and has two working modes with different airflow. What’s more, it has a long service life thanks to the thermal protection function. It switches off the heating unit while the fan is still running to prevent the tool from overheating and damages. The GHG 20-63 Professional also has a convenient cooling stage plus a stable cooling position.

Equipment & Application

This robust heat gun is your go-to tool for a multitude of applications requiring hot air streams. It is ideal for renovation work and various other applications.

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