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GCM 18V-305 GDC Professional

Cordless Mitre Saw BITURBO

GCM 18V-305 GDC
GCM 18V-305 GDC
GCM 18V-305 GDC

The combination of impressive cutting performance and full cordless flexibility

  • Brushless motor powered by ProCORE18V battery delivers cordless power equal to 2000W corded mitre saw
  • HMI and connectivity for battery status check; speed selection including ECO mode
  • Tool-less blade change; upfront bevel control; motor brake; space-saving glide arm for safe and convenient operation

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
 Compact slide mechanism due to innovative, maintenance-free and extremely robust glide arm
Direct tool feedback and setting adjustments thanks to the integrated user interface and connectivity features.
 No additional tools are required for configuring the tool, allowing for user-friendly operation

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  • in cardboard box with accessory set
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in cardboard box with accessory set 0 601 B43 0K0

GCM 18V-305 GDC Professional

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GCM 18V-305 GDC
in cardboard box with accessory set

Order number: 0 601 B43 0K0

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Included in this variant

  • Internal hexagon (spare part number 1 609 B00 256)
  • Dustbag (spare part number 1 609 B05 010)
  • Clamp
    Order number: 1 609 B06 203
  • 1 x cordless saw blade, Expert for Wood, 305 x 2.2 /1.6 x 30 mm, 60
    Order number: 2 608 644 528
  • Cardboard box
  • SDS saw blade lock (spare part number 1 609 B05 323)
  • Insert plate
    Order number: 1 609 B02 375

Technical data

Additional data

Saw blade diameter 305 mm
Mitre setting 52 ° L / 60 ° R
Battery voltage 18.0 V
Bevel setting 47 ° L / 47 ° R
Weight 26.6 kg
Cutting capacity, 0° 104 x 341 mm
Cutting capacity 0° with spacer (max. vertical) 120 x 200 mm
Cutting capacity 0° with spacer (max. horizontal) 45 x 400 mm
Cutting capacity, 45° mitre 104 x 240 mm
Cutting capacity, 45° bevel 40 x 341 mm
Tool dimensions (width x length x height) 565 x 630 x 790 mm
No-load speed 2,550 – 4,000 rpm
Saw blade bore diameter 30 mm
GCM 18V-305 GDC

GCM 18V-305 GDC Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GCM 18V-305 GDC Professional BITURBO cordless mitre saw offers powerful cutting depth with cuts up to 120 mm. Fully optimised for the ProCORE18V technology, the mitre saw’s brushless motor delivers power equal to a corded mitre saw. This saw offers an HMI as well as connectivity for quick battery status check and speed selection including ECO mode. Features like tool-less saw blade change, upfront bevel control, and motor brake enhance the safety of the saw. The tool is ideal for compound cutting as well as a broad range of materials. The saw can be mounted on multiple Bosch GTA stands. While reaching maximum performance when used with ProCORE18V batteries, the mitre saw is also compatible with all Bosch 18V battery packs.

Equipment & Application

The GCM 18V-305 GDC Professional delivers full power with just one battery, also in tough applications. Speed selection and Bosch´s wide saw blade range make this mitre saw perfectly suitable for working with almost any material

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