GBM 50-2 Professional

Magnetic Core Drill

Precise, efficient and convenient - the ideal solution for metal drilling

  • Convenient, durable, highly efficient and safe: Laser technology offers a fast target set-up, powerful motor for durable and efficient precise drilling, power supply cut-off system to prevent electric shock
  • Smart HMI system: Service display alert for preventive maintenance (carbon brush change) and load alert indicator for a long tool lifetime
  • Ideal for tough metal core drilling: High magnetic force gives a strong support to the drilling

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
Outstanding user protection The protection switch instantly switches the machine off when it is released
Long lifetime of the tool as the tool shuts off in case of an extreme overload situation

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in carrying case 0 601 1B4 0L0

GBM 50-2 Professional

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GBM 50-2
in carrying case

Order number: 0 601 1B4 0L0

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Included in this variant

  • Safety strap (spare part number 1 619 PB3 779)
  • Carrying case (spare part number 1 619 PB4 107)
  • Reduction sleeve (MT2/MT1) (spare part number 1 619 PB3 777)
  • Pilot pin (spare part number 1 619 PB3 778)
  • Coolant tank (spare part number 1 619 PB3 763)
  • Adapter for annular cutter (spare part number 1 619 PB3 771)
  • Hex key 3 mm (spare part number 1 619 PB3 772)
  • Hex key 4 mm (spare part number 1 619 PB3 773)
  • Coolant tank holder (spare part number 1 619 PB4 127)
  • Hex key 6 mm (spare part number 1 619 PB3 774)
  • Crank handle (spare part number 1 619 PB3 747)
  • MT2 drill drift (spare part number 1 619 PB3 776)

Technical data

Additional data

Rated input power 1200 W
Voltage, electrical 220–240 V
Bit holder MT 2 - DIN 228
No-load speed, 1st gear 50 – 250 rpm
No-load speed, 2nd gear 100 – 510 rpm
Weight 14.7 kg
Drill spindle connecting thread MT 2 - DIN 228
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Product Highlights

Bosch's corded magnetic metal core drill GBM 50-2 is convenient, durable, highly efficient and safe. With the best price-performance ratio in its class, this tool is ideal for tough metal core drilling, twist drilling and threading metal. Its laser technology offers a fast target set-up and power supply cut-off system prevents electric shock. Smart HMI-system enables easy serviceability and controls carbon brush wear, preventing unexpected interruptions. For a long tool lifetime, it features a load indicator that prevents overheating. Magnetic field activation with high magnetic force makes accuracy easy.

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