Essential Tile and Bathroom Applications

Basic Tile Set for Multi-Tools, 3-Piece

Product highlights

Basic Tile Sets for Multi-Tools, 3-Piece

3-piece Basic Tile Set for essential tile and bathroom applications

  • Starlock accessories carefully selected for tile and bathroom basic set
  • 3 Starlock blades for routing grout joints between tiles, scraping mortar and plunge cutting wood and non-hardened metal
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Product descriptions

The 3-piece Basic Tile Set provides the main accessories for tile and bathroom applications. These Starlock accessories have been carefully selected for basic tile and bathroom renovations. The three Starlock blades enclosed allow for routing grout joints between tiles, scraping mortar and plunge cutting wood and non-hardened metal. These accessories are designed particularly for work such as routing joints and smaller cutouts in soft wall tiles, scraping mortar or tile adhesive and plunge cutting in copper pipes. All Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max power tools as well as common multi-tools are compatible with these accessories.

The Starlock Snap-In mounting system allows fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade. The mounting system produces the highest power transfer due to a 3-dimensional tight-fitting connection between machine and accessory.

Product range

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1 Available product variations
Part number Set contents Pack quantity
2 608 662 342
BIM plunge-cutting saw blade Metal AIZ 20 AB (1x) / HCS scraper ATZ 52 SC (1x) / HM-RIFF segment saw blade ACZ 85 LMT (1x)
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